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"Negative people upset me."
Steve Jobs, Apple

"Doubt is humble"

Bill Maher, comediant

"God created man because He loves stories"
Ellie Wiesel

Hello! This is a reduced version of the Portuguese site, but I hope you can still find some substantial content here!Enjoy!

* This video is narrated in Portuguese, but all interviews are in English. It shows how New York is teaching its kids about the events of September 11. It was a pleasure to report it. It was aired in Brazil on TV Futura on the 10th anniversary of this tragedy (which I covered in-depth at the time).

* At age 83, physicist Josť Goldemberg is still an icon in the bioenergy field. Read his profile in the BioEnergy Connection Magazine! See page 9.

* Here's a piece on Dads in New York City! The dads that never sleep, taking care of their babies on a full-time basis. And, guess what? They're VERY happy! Published in March 2010, on TPM Magazine.

* From St. Louis with love: when InBev "married" Anheuser-Busch. Locals were not that happy with it. And I was not happy with the steamy weather. See Page 20.

* Sesame Street is finally back in Brazil, after its departure 32 years ago! Here's my interview with Big Bird, I mean, CEO Gary Knell!

* I don't recall how it was life before the internet, but I do recall how it was before Skype: terrible. So here it is Niklas Zennstrom, the CEO of this unique company, whom I interviewed...over Skype. He was in London, I was in Rio.

* Foreign-born males in New York were going wild to watch the soccer World Cup games. Here are some funny/tragic stories I wrote for the The New York Times!

* Naomi Watts knows how to scream - especially when she runs away form a guy called King Kong. I interviewed her for IcelandAir's Atlantica Magazine. Check it out!

* I finally got Umberto Eco's interview translated! The interviewed took place at his office, in Bologna. This Italian professor is a real genius.

* You can also read my interview with Irshad Manji, this great Canadian Muslim journalist, whom I met in New York. Her book, The Trouble with Islam Today, is a best-seller.

* Now, that Israel has a uncertain future, maybe we should listen to what Shimon Peres has to say. Here's my interview with this this wise 80-year old, in Jerusalem.

* I never thought I would make it to this list! Here's 2011 Vogue's 100 Brazilians who made it in New York - in alphabetical order by first name.

* If you are a foreigner living or going to Brazil, these are your websites - Brazil Max and Gringoes.com
More on Brazil, in the New York Times,click here.

* If you are in the US, go to a Starbucks and get a bottle of Ethos Water. This way, you will help kids all over the world get clean water.

* You may want to help refugee children around the world. It's easy. Just click here.

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